Linux continues to fail as desktop system ??

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Linux continues to fail as desktop system ??

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:17 am

Dear users, this has always been a controversial topic, but now when the Internet is to taken over our lives, and when computer users have opened their heads that there are other alternatives to windows, we wonder what the current picture on the use of desktop operating systems
Already completed those years in which Windows XP domain and captured more than 90 percent of computer users.

The question we ask is, if you really grown as a Linux desktop system in terms of community and whether applications developed for Linux are up to compete or surpass those of Windows (or Mac OS X) to provide an environment full of work, development and recreation

Recall that also falls into this discussion the existence of another MAC OS X desktop operating system that has gained more ground than Linux.

You think?

-linux Has grown in terms of community and quality operating system?
We still lag behind Windows and Mac?

"We could put together an interesting exchange of views on this subject"


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